Legacy Partners of Northwest Ohio LLC

Our Services

Facility Consultation

Facility Consultation provides organizations with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage environmental impacts as well as its impact on productivity. We will access your facility to assess the optimal functionality for your building. How productive are your employees? What services are you offering employees to keep them engaged? Let us help you.

Corporate Culture Workshop

We conduct a 3-day workshop (virtually or in-person) to see how the culture is within your company? Are your employees still excited about the company? Are they vested in the company’s viability? If not, why?

Fact: To rehire and retrain cost you more money; a toxic culture deflates your employees and makes them unmotivated, which in turn cost companies $300 billion a year.

Customer Service Initiatives

Customer service is the most essential aspect of any business. How are you serving your internal customers? Are you external customers singing high praises or are you lost in the shuffle? Let us help you determine how to navigate your customer engagement and retention initiatives.

Marketing Initiatives

Marketing is not as simple as many may lead you to believe. In order for your business to be effective, you need to understand what is involved in promoting what you are offering in terms of products and services. That is where a good marketing initiative comes in to play. Let us help you.

Vendor Contract Negotiations

We work on negotiating the best prices for you with contract extensions and cost saving initiatives as well as incoming vendors, services ranging from electricity, corporate service to preventive maintenance.

Corporate Strategy

One of the many areas of corporate strategy that we focus on is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Initiatives (DEI). We will work with you on DEI Initiatives for your company and show you how important it is to your bottom line. If you connect to your community and make a lasting impact on future generations, how would that increase your viability as a company?

Diversity Recruitment and Initiatives

We will work with your company to review with you the value of a diverse workforce, help with any initiative your company has that will require a partial or full DEI plan. “A diverse company is a profitable one”.

We also work with HBCU’s and other organizations to help place their students and employees within companies looking to diversify their workforce. We provide the connection point. Diversity within the workforce is proven to increase your profitability as well as community engagement.

Community Mentorships

Our goal here at Legacy Partners of Northwest Ohio LLC is to help students within the community, with the guidance of our company, to find the right college and employment opportunities to help make them productive citizens. This teaches them the importance of community, giving back and paying it forward.